Reaching a decision about a purchase is a process that takes place in the mind of the customer. This process can be influenced. By using the right strategies you can steer the change process in the mind of the customer, which can lead to movement towards a purchase decision with the customer.


That process consists of the following stages:


1. Does the customer have the motivation to move;

2. Heeft de klant ook daadwerkelijk de intend to move;

3. Have all options been discussed, including those of the competition, so that a choice can be made;

4. Have all concerns and risico’s weggenomen zodat het risks been removed so that a decision can be made.


At every stage, blockages can occur with the customer, and there are pitfalls that the seller can step into. Structure and strategy salesperson to fall back on the four-phase schedule.


We use models that together create a structure that the seller can rely on when they feel resistance. The seller could experience the resistance as pressure with an undesirable effect: unhelpful distractions. Thanks to a map on which all the aforementioned models are summarized, the seller can always see where he is in the sales process, and where he can pick up the thread again. In order to get the customer moving again.


Gazing’s map is a model for conversation, not a sales model. In addition to the learned skills and behavioral competences, this map provides guidance to create an increased chance of success.


We go through the above on the basis of exercises, tools, film fragments, etc. to anchor the technique with the participants.


Advantages of Gazing Performance Nederland B.V.

Our unique GPNL map and tools provide a clear, common language, focus, structure, are easy to remember and can serve as a guide to fall back on when you’re under pressure.

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